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Frederick Bligh Bond. The story of Glastonbury revealed.
Colour illustration.  P/B £9.95

Bligh Bond & Lea. A preliminary investigation of the Cabala.
Illustrated P/B £7.95

William Stirling
(Paperback.    Originally published 1897;   
First published with Garnstone 1974; then RILKO 1981;
418 pages.)
Exclusive opportunity to purchase NEW, from RILKO. £19.95

Read a review of The Canon, written by Anne Macaulay

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Louis Charpentier. The occult message of numbers and relationships.
Illustrated. P/B Currently Out of Print More details...

Thomas Simcox  Lea & Frederick Bligh Bond. The art of number, harmony and spiritual law.
P/B £9.95

Lionel Smithett Lewis. Data, notes and references.
P/B £5.95


Exploring Rye with Brian Hargreaves


Illustrated by Brian Hargreaves
Text by Joyce Hargreaves
44 pages, laminated colour covers.  £6.50  p/p £2.80


Exploring Romney Marsh with Brian Hargreaves


Illustrations by Brian & Joyce Hargreaves
Text by Joyce Hargreaves
44 pages, laminated colour covers  £6.50  p/p £2.80

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"Harmony of the Universe"
takes us on a journey to the heart of nature where we find music, mathematical proportions, and the fields that organize all living processes. Andrew Glazewski, Poland's much loved scientist, mystic and priest explores the science behind healing, the fields of crystals, plants and human beings, and how those fields determine our physical well-being. How we can use our hands to heal...

The Four Temperaments

Steiner gives lively descriptions of the passive, comfort-seeking phlegmatic, the fickle, flitting sanguine, the pained, gloomy melancholic and the fiery, assertive choleric. He also offers practical suggestions aimed at teachers and parents for addressing the various manifestations of the temperaments in children, as well as advice intended for adults' personal development.
Gobekli Tepe, Genesis Of The Gods

The latest book by Andrew Collins details the layout, architecture, and exquisite relief carvings found at the mysterious stone temple complex of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.
The author is also the co-discoverer of a massive cave complex beneath the Giza plateau, now known as "Collins' Caves."

Patterns of Eternity
Bringing sacred geometry to life in an original and inspiring way this book is 'Well illustrated, with many useful diagrams. If you are entranced by the magic of numbers, this could well be of interest'
[Northern Earth, Spring 2010]

Malcolm Stewart was the Speaker at the R.I.L.K.O. Lecture in April 2014.
Royston Cave - Used by Saints or Sinners?

Sylvia Beamon provides information on the history and enigma of Royston cave, its Mediaeval carvings and symbols, and the formation of the Templars, their commercial enterprises, banking system, cult and esoteric knowledge and their eventual downfall.


The Hidden Chapter - An Investigation Into the Custody of Lost Knowledge

Research into a collection of geometrical and mathematical drawings,  led Joy Hancox to uncover aspects of the history of Tintern and the surrounding area that have long been lost or forgotten.
Ley lines, spirit ways, ghost roads and old straight tracks.

In the foreword to this book the author Danny Sullivan, former editor of "The Ley Hunter" writes "Ley Lines remains as a testament to Alfred Watkins and the ideas which emerged from his heretical and groundbreaking discovery."


A Little Book of Coin cidence

A compilation of astounding geometrical relationships within the solar system by John Martineau.

One famous coincidental arrangement is that Saturn takes the same number of years to go around the Sun as there are days between full (Earth) Moons...

A Little History of Dragon: The Essential Guide to Fire-Breathing Winged Serpents

Joyce Hargreaves
provides a  short exploration of the wonderful world of dragons, both malevolent and benign.
Why are dragons recognized in almost all cultures on Earth? What is the mysterious geomantic gold they secretly guard?


Sensitive Permaculture

Based in Australia, Alanna Moore is a permaculture farmer and teacher, and currently spends summers in Ireland, where the Round Towers inspired the 'Power Towers' that she creates to enhance plant growth and well-being.

John Michell from Atlantis to Avalon, by Paul Screeton

The life and philosophy of John Michell. John Michell was a giant in the world of geomancy, earth mysteries and Forteana. Written with both wit and the authority of someone who knew John, this is not a biography as such, more a celebration of his life, work and philosophy.
The New View Over Atlantis  by John Michell

An introduction to megalithic science, earth mysteries and the inner meaning of number and measure. It supports the theory that at one time, many thousands of years ago, there was a world-wide sophisticated civilization which Plato referred to as Atlantis.

Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions

Scientist Philip Callahan invites you to consider the realtionship between
the geographical arrangement of the round towers throughout the Irish countryside and the positions of the stars in the northern sky during the time of winter solstice. Why were the round towers constructed and what was their purpose?


Sacred Geography

Explore the scientific research behind the ancient forms and patterns of sacred sites around the world, and discover the long-lost mystical connection our ancestors had with our planet.

This book by Paul Devereux intends to map out the hidden meaning in ancient sites and landforms.

Yew ? A History
by Fred Hageneder

In history, mythology, religion, folklore, medicine and in warfare, the yew bears timeless witness to a deep relationship with mankind.

Associated with churchyards in Britain and Europe, the Yew is a living link between our landscapes and those of the distant past.

The Sun and the Serpent by Paul Broadhurst & Hamish Miller

'The Sun and the Serpent is one of the strangest, most stirring books I have ever read, and it may prove through its implications to be one of the most important. For if the authors are correct in what they affirm, they have uncovered in the English landscape the most remarkable of ancient secrets.'
John Michell

Sacred Space, Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places

There is a fundamental human need to create sacred spaces where sound reverberates to commune with the ancestors and give praise to the Divine.

Susan Hale compares different styles of worship through the perspective of mu sic and architecture, focusing on a range of religious traditions


Euphonics is the study of the natural meanings of sounds in words and language. First discussed over 2,000 years ago in Plato's 'Cratylus', it has long been used by Sorcerers worldwide to weave their sonic spells.

Learn about the deadly effects of 'D', the ghastly glint of 'G', the jolly jangle of 'J', the binary bulge of 'B' and seductive slippery 'S'.

Approaching Chaos   

Did an elite of shamanic, megalithic city builders in the distant past have a secret knowledge of quantum physics and alchemy that enabled them to live in harmony with Nature and in urban comfort?

Could we now re-establish their ancient archetype of city living in order to save C21st civlisation from eco-suicide?

The Great Heresy  

Arthur Guirdham describes how Catharism was the medieval expression of one of the oldest and most influential philosophies, and is amazingly contemporary in its implications.

The wide-ranging book discusses the history & beliefs of the Cathars, reincarnation, auras, alchemy, the healing power of jewels, and other subjects.

The Tree of Life and The Holy Grail: Ancient and Modern Spiritual Paths and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau

Sylvia Francke traces the ancient spiritual paths of knowledge from the Cathars, the Knights Templar, and the enigmatic Rosicrucians, to the work of Rudolf Steiner in the twentieth century.

Gematria: The Numbers of Infinity   Marke Pawson

Gematria is the first book in modern times to investigate the mysterious Qabalistic interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures.

These truths express nothing less than a startling knowledge of the physical Universe, a knowledge greater than that possessed by modern physicist.

Twelve-Tribe Nations  

Worldwide, traditions of whole nations being divided into twelve tribes and twelve regions are associated with an ideal social order and a golden age of humanity.

Exploring examples of these twelve-tribe societies, John Michell and Christine Rhone explain the blueprint for this organisational structure.

The Living Wisdom of Trees

In 'The Living Wisdom of Trees'
Fred Hageneder looks at the human significance of 55 trees, from alder (Alnus) to oak (Quercus) and  in particular at their botanical characteristics; their place in world myth, magic and folklore; their healing properties; and their practical contribution to society.

Divining Earth Spirit

The earth is alive, conscious, sacred and pulsing with vital forces!

This book by Alanna Moore presents energetic and spiritual dimensions to environmental awareness through the perceptions of Earth mysteries researchers, dowsers and Earth healers in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

The Cathars and Reincarnation

The Cathars were a dualistic, heretical Christian sect persecuted and all but exterminated by the Inquisition in the 13th century in the Midi region of France.

Later research by Dr Arthur Guirgham substantiated information from a teenager's dreams, visions and writings dating from 1944.

Irish Round Towers

The ancient, round towers of Ireland are numerous, enigmatic and, to this day, have remained largely unexplained. This book explores some of the most fascinating examples, detailing locations and other vital information.

Hector McDonnell is one of Ireland's best-known contemporary painters.

The Round Church at Little Maplestead

"The Round Church" has long been associated with the Knights Hospitallers, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

'The History and Antiquities of the Round Church at Little Maplestead, Essex ... preceded by an historical sketch of the Crusades' was written by architect William Wallen  in 1836.

The Byrom Collection & the Globe Theatre Mystery

The interpretation of the Byrom drawings by Joy Hancox would result in an eight-sided structure in which harmony of design would provide good sightlines and good acoustics.

The concept is shared with the round churches of the Templars, the mosques of Islam and open air theatres of ancient Greece and Rome.


Kingdom for a Stage: Magicians and Aristocrats in the Elizabethan Theatre

Analysis of the design of the theatres of Elizabeth London relates Renaissance concepts of proportion, the mystery of creation and the world of aristocratic patronage.

Joy Hancox describes the role of Elizabeth I and magus John Dee in the concept and design of the Elizabethan playhouse.

Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew

Unexplainable coincidences abound in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew.

Author, Haim Shore, discusses two types of coincidences: some that can be considered just that, and others that are subject to rigorous statistical analysis.



Paramagnetism is a force that is identified and detailed in mainstream physics.

Knowledge of this force by ancients is indisputable.

Scientist Phil Callahan firmly believes that this low-level energy,  found in good soils, is nature's secret force of growth.

The Boiled Frog Syndrome

Thomas Saunders re-examines the work of the Roman architect Vitruvius and the principles of 'sacred architecture' that is, an architecture that is materially and spiritually in harmony with both the natural environment and the people who use the buildings they designed.

The Authentic Tarot

Thomas Saunders
explains the symbolism of each card and the relationships between the cards, interpreting not only the Major Arcana, but also the significance of the fifty-six Minor cards, and suggests how the wisdom of the Tarot can help us to self-awareness, an understanding of where we are on life's path, and a sense of our place in the world.

The Portal: An Initiate's Journey into the Secret of Rennes-Le-Chateau

The Portal is the true and startling disclosure of respected British writer Patrice Chaplin. Picking up where Patrice’s previous memoir City of Secrets: One Woman’s True-life Journey to the Heart of the Grail Legend leaves off, The Portal details Patrice Chaplin’s 21st century initiation into the Holy Grail’s deeper mystery.

City of Secrets: One Woman's True-Life Journey to the Heart of the Grail Legend

Patrice Chaplin explains how she stumbled upon an ancient mystery in Girona, Spain, a town steeped in medieval grail secrets, Caballistic documents and a mysterious history.





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