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A man asks questions of a cathedral and in that lies the whole mystery of a lost knowledge which is unveiling itself little by little: the mystery of this Gothic art suddenly discovered among the shadows of the Middle Ages.

Is the cathedral of Chartres the lineal successor of the Dolmens under which the Druids fitted their novices for initiation?  Is it, through the Order of the Knights Templar and by the knowledge of the Cistercians, the direct lineal successor of the Pyramids and the Temple of Solomon?  Is it the 'book in stone' in which the learned brother architects inscribed the harmonic bases of a divine law of unity which Moses had inscribed on the stones of Sinai?

These are the questions which Louis Charpentier puts to the cathedral and the cathedral answers.  It answers that certain wise men knew, well before Galileo, that the earth was round and the dimensions were known to them.  It replied that they were in no wise ignorant of the action of Earth and Cosmos on man.  It answered, in effect, by the most extraordinary attempt to raise man to a superior state of humanity by the action of earth united with the actions of proportion and right dimensions, harmonic sounds and significant light.

Louis Charpentier's book, which refers back to deep sources of divine knowledge, is at the same time a guide which no visitor to the cathedral of Chartres should leave out of account if he wants to penetrate the riddle of this 'book of stone'.

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The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral




Louis Charpentier


English translation from the original French by Sir Ronald Fraser




Published by R.I.L.K.O. in  paperback 




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Read an article about Chartres Cathedral by Sir Ronald Fraser, the translator of 
'The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral'

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