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RILKO Annual Outing 2017
Saturday 19 August from 2pm to 5pm

A Visit to
Waltham Abbey
The 2017 RILKO Summer outing is on August 12th 2-5pm at Waltham Abbey (EN9 1DG)
The one time wealth of Waltham Abbey lay in its surrounding forest of Epping. Now the remnant of its church property lies quietly in a backwater on the Essex side of the River Lee
It was suggested as a suitable site for the RILKO Summer Outing by Tony Charlton (past Council member) not least because it has been recently well described in the book ‘Axis of Heaven’ (Broadhurst & Trso mythos 2016), a book introduced to attendees at the RILKO Conference by the Author on 11th Oct. 2015. More will be revealed at this outing.
The Parish Office has booked a guided tour for RILKO at 14.15 for which a minimum donation of £5 is expected. A “Repository is situated in the crypt, it is open throughout the day. There are refreshment facilities in the village surrounding the Abbey grounds.
How to Get to the Abbey
Car parking is available outside the Abbey Church – free for two hours. Or park in the “Cornmill” car park nearby, or in the Abbey Gardens car park (accessible from the roundabout on the B194 at the junction of Abbey View and Crooked Mile).
By Rail
To Waltham Cross station (1.3 miles) trains to and from London Liverpool Street, (Hertford East and Cambridge). – Services run approximately every 30 minutes in each direction.

For details, contact Greater Anglia. A lift can be arranged for RILKO members who use the Train by ringing 0208 3661584 before 1pm on Saturday 12th August.

By Bus
Waltham Abbey is served by several bus routes – for information see: Hertfordshire Travel Information routes 66, 86, 87, 211/212, 213/214, 240, 250 and 251.

If you are attending please contact 0208 366 1584 before 1pm on August 19th.
RILKO Annual Outing 2016
Saturday 9 July 2016 from 12 noon to around 6pm

A Visit to Shipley and Sompting, West Sussex

On July 9th RILKO members and friends revisited the tiny hamlet of Shipley in Sussex, which was featured in a talk Dowsing Ley Line Energies and the Hunt for the Holy Grail given to RILKO by Colin Bloy on Friday 16th May 1980.  In his talk, Colin described how Shipley Church was formerly the Knights Templars southern headquarters, surrounded by a preceptory and three extant Templar farms. 

Shipley Church, West Sussex (Creative Commons license)
The river Arun flows through the meadows in front of the church, from where a short distance downstream the Templars sailed to the Holy Land. Fascinating manifestations of Ley energy are to be experienced both in and around Shipley Church, dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, some having reportedly been originally ‘inscribed’ there by the Knights Templar in the meadow between the Church and South Church Farm.  In one area are a group of 49 circles, each about 18 paces across.  There are six similar circles of similar dimensions around the apse of the cathedral of Chartres "… not one or two, but a complete system of interweaving spirals over a large area, in the format of 7 x 8...”

After meeting at the ‘George and Dragon’ at Dragon’s Green, Shipley at 12.00 noon for lunch, the party left for Shipley Church (a five minute drive away, twenty minutes walk) at 2.00 p.m.  The Vicar  met us there at 2.30 p.m.

Sompting Church, West Sussex (Friends of Sompting Church image)
We also visited another Templar Church a few miles away at Sompting* where we were given a talk on the history of the Church*, which was open and where there had been some new discoveries since we were last there. 

The price of the outing included refreshments and the talk at Sompting, and a donation for our access to Shipley Church.

Shipley is signposted from West Grinstead on the A24 to Worthing and from the A29 at Billingshurst, onto the A272 towards Cowfold.
To register for outings:

Please send an e-mail with your name, contact details  - and the name(s) and contact details of your guests, as applicable - so that we have an indication of numbers and can inform you of any last-minute details.
Alternatively please call on 0845 2260 531
A map of the area is available upon request.

The cost for the outing was £10 Members; £15 non-members (lunch NOT included).

* Please note that these are external links. RILKO cannot be responsible for the information on the pages to which you are directed. The links will open in a new browser window.


RILKO Annual Outing 2014
Sunday 13 July 2014 from 12 noon to 5pm

A Visit to the Lower Lea Valley

This year's summer excursion will be an exploration of the Lea Valley south of the Olympic site to where the river meets the Thames. Our guide will be Marion Briggs.

The Lea has its source in Luton, Lugh's town and is named after Lugh, who is the shining one, the Celtic god of harvest and games and who is celebrated at Lughnasa or Lammas time in the last week of July and first of August. The Lea passes through the Lammas Fields where the Olympic Games took place in 2012 and joins the Thames opposite the Millennium Dome, now the O2.

Our journey begins at Three Mill Island, which produced London's grain from as far back as the Middle Ages and in more recent history, London's gin. We'll follow the path of the river south to where it meets the Thames at Trinity Buoy Wharf then walk back along the Thames to where the Greenwich Meridian Line reaches the north shore of
the river, finishing at DLR station.

Marion Briggs has many years of experience in walking and working with landscape. She explored the Lea Valley prior to the London Olympics, leading a number of Gatekeeper Walks with Louise Coe which helped form the basis of a series of London Gatekeeper conferences and the Gatekeeper publication Legendary London and the Spirit of Place. She has also worked with Marko Pogacnik, guiding an international group from the LifeNet Gathering in 2012. Through this, she has gained many insights into the significance of this area. Louise will join us for the excursion and share some
of her knowledge.

To get to Three Mill Island:
By bus: the 448 and 108 stop outside Tesco; D8 and 25 stop at Bow flyover (5 minute walk).
Tube/DLR: the nearest stations are Bow Church DLR (10 minute walk) and Bromley-by-Bow underground station (5 minute walk).

Meet at 12 noon at the Miller's House, Three Mill Island.

The nearest station is Bromley by Bow, District line and Hammersmith and City line go there. Cross the road from the station by tunnel, to the left. Turn left out of the tunnel and go to Tesco's, turn right along past the main entrance of the supermarket. Go straight ahead across the bridge to the island and you'll see the Miller's House.

The Miller's House cafe is open for sandwiches and other refreshments, so you can eat there or bring a packed lunch. The idea is to explore the island and eat lunch there as a first step.

There's a place where we can have tea later in the afternoon.

To register:
Please click here to send an e-mail with your name, contact details  - and the name(s) of your guests, as applicable - so that we have an indication of numbers and can inform you of any last-minute details.
The cost is £10 Members; £14 non-members.

Alternatively please call on 0845 2260 531


RILKO Annual Outing 2013 Saturday 13th July

Visit to
West Wycombe - a Brief Review

This year RILKO  had organized a trip to West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire,  location of the home and activities of the controversial Sir Francis Dashwood, "who was born in December 1708, the eldest son of a wealthy business man who acquired a baronetcy.  As a young man he travelled widely, interested himself in politics, and sat in the House of Commons for twenty years and the House of Lords almost another twenty, serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1762/3.  In the course of a long, busy, and enjoyable life he played a leading part in founding a learned society and built an Italianate country home at West Wycombe.  In his mid forties he established the summer carousals at Medmenham which have been the source of wild speculation for over two hundred years."   [1]

The reference to ‘wild speculation’ in Eric Towers book leads one to wonder if all the stories of shocking activities at West Wycombe passed down from the 18th Century might have been similar to the machinations for discrediting of public figures that still goes on today.

Sadly Dashwood’s house was closed on the Saturday of our outing, but a recurring symbol [2]  in the decorations in the Church of St Lawrence, also ‘Italianate’, led me to wonder if deeper knowledge might have been behind the decorations and the meetings both at West Wycombe, where there was once “an ancient pagan temple similar in design to Stonehenge” [3] and at nearby Medmenham Abbey.  Medmenham was founded by the Cistercians in the 12th Century and was possibly linked to Bisham Abbey at Marlow, where the original Preceptory was built by the Knights Templar in the 13th Century.
© Sylvia Francke

[1] From 'Dashwood. The Man and the Myth.' by Eric Towers.  Published in 1986  by Crucible an imprint of Aquarian Press, part of Thorsons Publishing group.
[2]  Ancient symbol of the ‘life-force’, more recently used by Victor Schauberger as a realistic indication of the dynamic of imploding energy used in the practical applications of his research.
[3] From ‘A Guide to the Church of St. Lawrence West Wycombe Bucks.’

West Wycombe caves

Click here to view the location on Google map



RILKO Annual Outing 2012 Saturday 21st July

Visit to London's Camelot
Visit led by Chris Street


All the evidence (and there is plenty of it) indicates that a real Camelot once existed on the fringe of North London. As befitting Camelot, it has connections to Britain’s rulers that can be traced back a thousand years, if not quite to the time of Arthur. Yet the Roman artefacts found here prove the site has been occupied for more than 2,000 years and for much of that time it has played an important part in the outer defences of London. In medieval times it was the very centre of the Plantagenet Kings’ Royal Hunting ground.

Read more about the RILKO Annual Outing to London's Camelot...


Chris Street is a professional writer and RILKO member. He has written the definitive book on Camlet Moat: London’s Camelot and the Secrets of the Grail (from or Amazon). Some of his other titles are London City of Revelation (2011) & London’s Ley Lines (2011). See

The cost is  £ 9 members, £12 non-members

Booking details here


RILKO Annual Outing 2011 Saturday 9th July

New Discoveries at Avebury and West Kennet Long Barrow
Visit led by Peter Knight

West Kennet Long Barrow


Itinerary for The RILKO Annual Outing on Saturday July 9th 2011

Noon:     Arrive at Avebury, after making own way there. Lunch at café and/or packed lunches on lawns next to it. Time to visit Henge Shop and Barn Museum if desired.

1.00 - 2.30pm:    Guided tour of Avebury circle, looking at earth energies, sacred geometry, astronomy, shamanism, simulacra and symbolism, St Michael Line, etc.

2.00 - 2.30pm:   Tea and Toilet Break - cafe.

2.30pm: Set off to see West Kennet Long Barrow (parking at 2 lay-bys on A4). Walk up hill.

3.00pm:   Arrive at Long barrow: Peter will explain the discoveries detailed in his new book about the monument; the astronomy, earth energies, its setting in the landscape, other intervisible sites, archaeology, acoustics and sacred sound of chambers, and much more!

4.30pm:   Back at lay-by for departure.

The cost is  £ 8 members, £10 non-members

Please download and print out the booking form [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 58.62 KB] and return to Brian Hargreaves at the address on the form as soon as possible if you are able to attend.

Members and non-members are encouraged to let Brian know whether they can offer, or need, a seat in a car.

We look forward to seeing you!

About Peter Knight

who will lead the 2011 RILKO Annual Outing to Avebury and West Kennet Long Barrow

Peter Knight, who spoke to RILKO in 2008, is well known for his writing in the field of Earth Mysteries and is the co-founder and chairman of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group. Peter  lectures widely and leads many field trips every year to sacred sites.

His previous books include: Ancient Stones of Dorset; Sacred Dorset - on the Path of the Dragon; Dorset Pilgrimages - a Millennium Handbook, 13 Moons - Conversations with the Goddess, The Wessex Astrum and The West Kennet Long Barrow: Landscape, Shamans and the Cosmos (2011).

Peter Knight is also the author and compiler of a massive CD-ROM about Earth Mysteries which represents a vast labour of love and is the culmination of his findings over the last 15 years, as well as being a comprehensive overview of the latest research by other authors on this subject.    Visit his website at:

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